How soon after giving birth can I attend a WF4M session?

We ask that all mums to wait until after their 6-week check-up to ensure that it is safe to return to light exercise. If you have concerns with your pelvic floor, we can accommodate you in all of our classes. We will discuss with you the potential benefit that an assessment by a women’s health physiotherapist may provide.

We cater for all fitness levels and stages of recovery from birth, so contact us to discuss any concerns.

Why do I have to wait 6 weeks postpartum?

The first 6-weeks after birth is a very special and significant time. The learning curve of a new mum is steep, and the first 6-weeks are the steepest. Adjusting to feeding, sleep deprivation, healing from the birth and getting to know your baby are just a few of the adaptations at this time. It is important to allow your body to heal and adjust to this new role and routine, and allow recovery time so we can ensure there are no complications that may affect your ability to exercise.

How many people are in a group session

Our maximum capacity is 8 per group – large enough to share, but small enough to care

Where do you train?

Sessions are held at the Crocodile Park on Saltwater Coast Point Cook. Street parking is available and there are public toilets are nearby

Can I do a trial session?

Yes. We encourage all new mums to attend a trial session before signing up for the block. This way you get to “try before you buy”, see how we work, if we are the right fit for you and your child.

Do I have to register to attend a trial class?

Yes. There are limited places in each class, we request that all mums register in advance online to attend a trial session. We run “trial sessions” prior to each new term block and we love to meet new mums during these weeks.

Our 2018 trial weeks will be:

  • Term 2 Monday 16th April – Friday 27th April
  • Term 3 Monday 16th July – Friday 27th July
  • Term 4 Monday 8th October – Friday 19th October

Can I pay as I go?

Yes, you can pay per session during the trial weeks – $10 for the first trial session.

We then ask our mums to book & pay in advance for with a ten class pass. The term block runs in conjunction with the Victorian school terms. Why? We know that routine is everything with a small child (children) and knowing you have to be at a certain place at a certain time will help you commit to sessions and form a regular exercise routine. The regular weekly session will also promote progressive improvement in your return to strength and fitness, and you’ll get to know the other mums in your session and share your experiences with like-minded women.

Can I change the session I attend each week?

Unfortunately, no. Because we work in term block bookings that means that the session and time you choose is allocated to you for that term. You can change days for the next term, or add a second day if you wish. Think of the sessions like swimming lessons for your child – you book for Tuesday at 10am and that’s your spot for the term.

What if I can’t make my regular weekly session? Can I cancel and make up at another time?

Some days getting to your session may just be all too hard – sick baby, sick mum, family emergency etc. Please let me know ASAP if you need to cancel your session. If possible, we will do our best* to arrange a make-up session prior to the end of term.

*Make-up session(s) are only available in the current term block and will not be carried over to the next term. Make-ups are only possible if space available in other sessions. Refunds for missed sessions will not be issued. Max two (2) make-up sessions per block

What time do classes start?

Classes start at 9.30am. We understand that circumstances may prevent you from arriving on time (sleeping/hungry babies), we welcome you to come when you can. Please note, the session will always end at 10.30am despite late arrivals. You will be asked by the trainer to do a warm up, and then join in with the other Mums.

You are welcome to arrive earlier if that assists in feeding and settling your child before the class commences.

How long does the class go for?

Each class runs for up to 60 minutes

Do I need to do anything before attending my first class?

Please complete the pre-exercise questionnaire. We will send this to you via email and ask that you return via email prior to your first session. This will allow us the time to look through your answers and give you a call to discuss anything that may need to be covered in more detail. We are also happy to contact other health care providers you may be working with ie. physio – so we can ensure we are working hand-in-hand to ensure your best progress. Our aim is to give you as much individual attention as possible within the group environment, therefore we need to get to know you a little.

Can I bring my children? Is there an age limit?

We encourage Mums to bring their babies and children along to every class. There is no age limit, so school aged children can come along on school curriculum days too.

Parents must understand that children remain their responsibility at all times throughout the class. The trainer will endeavour to assist when possible, however they are not responsible for any children.

What should I bring to a class?

For Mum:

  • Full drink bottle

For Child:

  • A picnic rug/blanket – for your children to sit and play on.
  • Drink & snacks
  • Toys
  • Prams or strollers are welcome (if your child is likely to require a rest or sleep)

What should I wear?

We suggest wearing normal active wear (shorts/leggings/light track pants and a top) that allows for unrestricted movement and a supportive bra

If my baby needs a feed or to be changed during class can I tend to them?

Of course! You are more than welcome to feed, change and tend to your child/children as required. Classes won’t stop for Mums to feed/change nappies, however you are very welcome to stop briefly and join in when you can.



Mums Group 9.30am


6.15pm Metafit


6am Heart Starter

Mums Group 9.30am

6.15pm Metafit


6.15pm Metafit


6am Heart Starter

Mums Group 9.30am


7.30am Boxing


Mums Group 45 to 60 mins

Metafit 30 mins

Heart Starter 30 mins

Boxing 60 mins