Blog of 4 of 5 – Sleeps, Eats and Exercise


Probably the most important but the one that suffers the most in parenthood, especially at the beginning – It might actually happen the whole way through, from newborn to teenage years and even extend through to leaving home? My kids are 5 & 7 at the mo so this is my experience so far – I’m tired, am I going to be tired for the next eighteen or so years? Argh I hope not! Since when did a whole night of unbroken sleep become such a luxury, a distant memory, a privilege, something we had to wish for?



Lack of sleep makes us tired, cranky, a little bit cray cray and can also contribute to depression. Physically, not getting enough rest can weaken the immune system and impair the body’s ability to repair and rebuild. So, it’s pretty important to make sure you’re getting enough.

So how do we balance the reality of our lives with the demands most mothers face, the daily needs of running the home and/or working, and that need for proper sleep?

We have an internal biological clock, called a circadian rhythm which is controlled by hormones and external cues. it sets our days and nights into a cyclical rhythm. When we work with this natural clock, we boost our energy at waking time and are able to get the restorative sleeping time we require.

Though habits and patterns will reset this clock, even if it varies from what the body actually needs but we can condition ourselves back into line with our circadian rhythms by making new habits around sleeping and waking

Which is GREAT NEWS!!

Top getting enough sleep tips for mums:

  • Stick to a sleep schedule of the same bedtime and wake up time, even on the weekends.
  • Practice a relaxing sleep schedule
  • If you have trouble sleeping, avoid naps, especially in the afternoon.
  • Exercise daily
  • Design a relaxing bedroom that promotes sleep
  • Make sure your bed, mattress and pillows are comfortable
  • Avoid bright light in the evening and expose yourself to sunlight in the morning.
  • Alcohol, cigarettes and caffeine can disrupt sleep
  • Avoid eating big or spicy meals before bed they can cause discomfort and make it hard to sleep – Have a small snack if you’re hungry
  • Spend the last hour before bed doing a calm activity like reading. Using electronic devices can make it hard to fall asleep, also avoid them if you wake up during the night the bright light can make it difficult to fall back to sleep
  • If you can’t sleep, go into another room and do something relaxing until you feel tired.
  • If you’re still having trouble sleeping, don’t hesitate to speak with your doctor


It’s in the top tips for sleep, there’s one GREAT reason to exercise and there are many more…



Exercising is good for everyone, but I think it’s extra EXTRA important for Mums. It’s not just about losing the baby weight or being able to get into a smaller size dress. It’s not just for the health benefits to your body there’s more to it. Check out why Mums need to start exercising today….

  • Mums have the weight of the world on their shoulders at times and tend to worry a lot all while still holding it together either at home or in the workplace or even both! Exercising is a great way to reduce this stress.
  • Exercising and getting into a routine is a great way to get in touch with your body, it can help you learn how your body is working . . . or not working!
  • It’s a good break from the kids! Some alone time is good for you, you can get into shape and stay sane at the same time. I also encourage you to exercise with your kids it’s good for them to see you taking care of yourself.
  • Exercise will help your brain make feel good hormones and induce happy feelings – It can help fight (postnatal) depression.
  • Make time for your own needs – Exercise is a great way to look after yourself – Mums tend to put themselves last on the list.
  • Exercise can make you feel better about your body and in turn boost your confidence
  • By exercising and looking after yourself, you are demonstrating not only a healthy lifestyle but also that caring for yourself is important. This is a great example to your kids.
  • You’ll sleep better and feel more energised, happier, healthier

What are you waiting for? Are you ready?

Grab your runners and let’s move with WellFit4Mums – We train smart!





No cold rubbery toast is not a well-rounded and nutrient dense food source!! What should you eat?

Well you can eat toast but not ALL OF THE TIME.



How do you commit to eating and eating properly?


For lots of busy mums their day starts off on the wrong foot when they choose to feed the kids before themselves, skip lunch in favour of a coffee or two (& a slice of toast!!) and then find themselves bingeing on whatever they can get their hands on at around 3pm because they are beyond hungry and are having a massive energy slump.

It is crucial to start your days with a good breakfast and to make some time to eat lunch to help prevent the mindless gorging in the afternoons!



Here are eight little things you can do, to make feeding yourself well, quick & quite painless:


  • Make sure you have a fridge full of fruit & veg that is ready to grab and eat – Apples are fave of mine and chopped up carrot, cucumber and other yummy veg – Grapes, mandarins, bananas (but not in the fridge) – Raw fruit and veg will really fill you up, takes lots of chewing and will make less room for foods that are so easy to over eat like cakes, crisps & bikkies
  • Boiled eggs will last up to week in the fridge
  • You can cook up some brown rice &/or quinoa at the beginning of the week to add to salads – This can last up to a week too
  • Washed greens, salad, baby spinach – Ready to grab and add to salads & sandwiches
  • Dense bread – Dark rye is my favourite, pumpernickel YUM!! – I freeze it, then toast it and have it with smashed avocado and sprinkle of salt – I sometimes add tuna, sardines or salmon. You could also have it with cheese, chicken or ham – All sorts, use your imagination! Have it with a great big salad on the side and some cultured veg (NB. start with a small amount & build up from there. The after effects can be quite overwhelming for you & those around you hahahahaaa)
  • Left overs are always good – When you make dinner maybe double batch & freeze a meal for a night when you really don’t want to cook or for lunch the next day.
  • Easy sweet treats – Check the Wholefood Simply website – There are so many fabulous recipes. You can make bigger batches and freeze them – BUT remember these are treats so don’t overdo it.
  • Nuts are good but also quite calorie dense so again don’t overdo it! I think I may be truly addicted to tamari almonds – If you haven’t tried them, do they are delish!! Tip: Keep your nuts in the freezer so they stay nice and crunchy & a little bag in your handbag for when you’re out. Hopefully you’ll be less tempted to add a muffin or flapjack to your coffee, if you feel a bit peckish!

Let me know if you found any of the tips helpful and if you put any of them into practice.



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& the lemony and ginger-nutty goodness bliss ball recipes

Lemony Bliss

1 cup raw cashews
1 cup desiccated coconut
zest of one large lemon – Add more if like me you love lemon
Juice of half a lemon
1/2 teaspoon concentrated
Natural vanilla extract
Pinch of salt
2 tablespoons maple syrup

Blend all the ingredients in a processor until the mixture resembles a fine, sticky crumb.
Don’t over blend the mixture or you may end up with a butter – It would be a delicious butter but a sticky mess to roll into balls.
Press and shape the mixture into balls. Place into the fridge to set.



Ginger nutty Balls

2 cup dry roasted almonds
1/2 cup desiccated coconut
1 tablespoon ground ginger
2 tablespoons rice malt syrup or honey
1 tablespoon maple syrup
1 teaspoon vanilla extract & pinch of salt

Blend all the ingredients in a processor until the mixture resembles a fine, sticky crumb. Use your hands to press and shape the mixture into balls. Place the balls into the fridge to set.



That’s it for Blog 4 watch this space for number 5 – Balancing it out, making it work and making a habit of “Me” time

Byeeeeee for now

Kerry x