Blog 5 of 5 The Balancing Act and making the Balancing Act work for everyone


It’s the 5th and final nugget in this blog writing series from moi…


How do we balance life out and make it work for all the family, so that we are “mostly” happy. I’m using the word “mostly” because “always” would add unnecessary pressure and who is “ALWAYS” happy anyway? If we’re “mostly” happy I believe we’re doing OK

I’ve been doing a bit research into this blog series to see what’s already out there on the world wide web and potentially finding some great tips to share.

Check out the image below… This is one of my google searches. Now, if this doesn’t give rise to mother guilt I don’t know what will.



Who are they to say what they’re doing is so effective?

And that what makes them happy and organised will make me happy and organised??

Who are they to say their houses are that well run???



From one mum doing the juggling act, to another I think we’re doing alright.

We need to be less hard on ourselves.

Give yourself a break.

Be OK with doing what is right for you in order for you to achieve the balance we all strive for.




Consider putting chores to the bottom of the list. Just for one day and see what happens.

Leave the toys out, the bed unmade, dishes in the sink.

Put the kettle on, sip slowly on that lovely warm drink, enjoy it with every inch of your sanity and embrace the moment,




The balancing act will never work for everyone ALL of the time and there will be days when you have to be a bit flexible.

You will come up against roadblocks and stubbornness, bad moods and pettiness but it’s how you work around and react to these situations, overcome and use them to your advantage so you can continue the balancing act of a so called

“happy life”



I found this lovely article on one of my Google searches

I stopped always putting my kids first – Here’s what happened – Maybe the key to being a better parent is a dose of selfishness – By Genevieve Shaw Brown

I like the way it’s written. It’s simple, it didn’t evoke too many guilt responses and the following quote got me thinking…


And so, I started my transformation by making small tweaks to my life.

How did I know what to do? It was easy!

I simply looked at what I was doing for my kids.