Blog 2 of 5 – How to make time for me.



Part 2 – How to make time for me.

“I honestly don’t know where all my time goes”

Mums wear many hats and tackle a huge amount of responsibilities every day. Depending on your children’s ages, you might do everything from dressing and feeding to picking them up from school and helping with homework.

And there’s the housework. All this leaves very little time for you…

To see how we are using our time we need to keep track so we can clearly see where our time is being spent and where it’s being wasted. There are always pockets of time that we could be using more efficiently.

We need to change “I have no time” to “There is time to be found.”



Try this exercise to see how you are using your time…

Write down what you’ve done each day for a week. Include everything, training, washing the dishes, taking a shower, Facebook!!

Get a notebook, a blank sheet of paper, or use notes on your phone – Write everything!

After the week is up, ask yourself these questions:

  • What is non-negotiable, such as working or taking your kids to school?
  • What activities can you streamline?
  • Are you doing too many things?
  • Do you need to say no more often?
  • Did you do anything because if you didn’t it would make you feel guilty?
  • Could you ask for help?
  • Did you take time for yourself? How much?
  • Did you waste any time?
  • How did you feel during the week overall? Did these emotions influence you and what you did do?



For me adding structure to my days helped – This is an example of one of my week days

  • 6am to 8.30am – coffee, breakfast, getting ready for school
  • 30 to 9.30am – school drop off, tidy up after breakfast, put some washing on
  • 30 to 10.30am – Group training (Work for me)
  • 11am to 12pm – Training me
  • 12 to 1pm – Shower and lunch
  • 1 to 3pm – Getting work done
  • 3 – 6pm – School pick up, reading, homework, dinner
  • 6 – 8pm – Cleaning up after dinner or Work
  • 8-10pm – Mum stuff and bed




  • You could also reconsider your mornings… Get up before everyone else gets up to have a quiet coffee, meditate, exercise, read, do something that you love. If you get up at 6am you could gradually add an hour to your day by getting up 15 minutes earlier every month until you get to 5am – An extra seven hours of me time to your week!!
  • Take advantage of the times you are waiting – At school pick, at the doctors, in queues at the shops, a soccer or dance class – Read, walk, meditate, snooze
  • If you work use your lunch hour to go for a walk or a class at the gym, shopping, get a manicure and pedicure or even a haircut.
  • If you’re at home with the kids, read a mag while the kids eat lunch or have their afternoon sleep, or even invite a friend over for lunch – The kids can play while you enjoy some adult conversation.

Make a list of five things you can do during this time and pick one to do next week.

Let me know how you go, if you found this helpful and if you tried any the ideas…

Blog 3 is on sharing the load

Be back soon

Kerry xx

A mum doing fun stuff!!