Blog 1 of 5 Finding yourself again. Do you remember what you love? Why you loved it?

Blog 1 – Finding yourself again

Do you remember what you love? Why you loved it?

And whether you’d love it again now that times and your life have changed?


Losing yourself in mummy-dom is amazingly easy.

Although I have had time to myself it has always revolved around the family, the kids, the house, appointments, sleep and meal times. They have had to come first and I have had to fit it in around them. Or have I? Should I have let that happen? Should I have been more selfish? Is it selfish to have your own little bit of space? Surely one or two hours in twenty-four can reasonably be for just me? Hmmmmm


Nearly 8 years down the line, both my kids are at school and I now have whole days to myself.

Whhhhhooollllle daaaaays!

Though they do seem to be a lot shorter when you’re in them.

But I have whole days.


The time has come for me to find me again…

BUT things have changed, I have changed, times have changed, situations have changed

What do I want to be?

Do I want to be what I was?

Can I be what I was?

Should I find myself as I was or create a new me?

Phew I’m exhausted and confused already!


Does everyone think like this? Have all these thoughts?

Am I making this harder than I need to be?

Over thinking? Probably (eye rolls)


So what am I going to do about it? Baby steps, little by little or shall I jump straight in?

I’ve got to say personally I jumped straight in.

I started my business, joined forces with some amazing mum trainers who have guided me, pushed me, supported me, advised me and believed in me

More than I believed in me at times!

It has been fun, amazing, energising, interesting, stressful, overwhelming and exhausting but I have loved every minute (well most of them!)

Blog writing really hurts my brain BUT look I’m BLOG WRITING!


  • This is blog number one of five the intro, the getting to know me and finding out what all this is about.
  • Blog two is about How to make & take time for yourself.
  • Blog three is about sharing the load with other members of your household.
  • Blog four is on wellness, sleep, exercise and nutrition
  • The fifth and final blog of the series is about balancing it all out & making it work for everyone.


Watch this space blog two will be with you very soon

Over n out for now

Kerry xx


By taking time for me, I am making a powerful statement to my children that says: I matter. My passions matter. I don’t want them to just see me as the one who does the laundry, picks them up from school, and makes dinner. I want them to see a woman who is creative, loves her friends, and takes times for her own needs. I want my children to see a mother who values herself.” 

Which no doubt is time well spent for everyone. 

Jessica Turner founder of the Mom Creative

Research shows self-care is essential for our wellbeing