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Blog of 4 of 5 – Sleeps, Eats and Exercise

SLEEP Probably the most important but the one that suffers the most in parenthood, especially at the beginning – It might actually happen the whole way through, from newborn to teenage years and even extend through to leaving home? My kids are 5 & 7 at the mo so this is my experience so far […]

Blog 2 of 5 – How to make time for me.

    Part 2 – How to make time for me. “I honestly don’t know where all my time goes” Mums wear many hats and tackle a huge amount of responsibilities every day. Depending on your children’s ages, you might do everything from dressing and feeding to picking them up from school and helping with […]

Sack the Sarnie for a Salad Jar

Bored of sandwiches? Leftovers? Toast?? Paying through the nose for lunch out??  SALAD JARS maybe the answer to your tasty lunchtime prayers What about making a whole week of healthy lunches on Sunday night?? Think of all the time & hassle saved by not having to do it in the mornings? Or… HAVE A SALAD […]

Oh Avo!!

      Oh num num avocados are one of my most favourite things. I probably eat one a day. A perfectly ripe bruise free avocado makes everything better. Smear them on to toast, have them with eggs, add them to salads, mash them into delicious a guacamole and have them with everything – I’m hungry […]

Start at the beginning and build a great foundation

START AT THE BEGINNING AND BUILD A GREAT FOUNDATION           Some ladies hardly put on any weight while others may put on that little bit more than they’d like during pregnancy. We tend to be really hard on ourselves, no matter which end of the scale. It’s important to remember, we are all equal & that […]

Put your floor function on the front burner!!

    Pelvic floor! Pelvic floor! Pelvic Floor!!! Lalalalalaaaaaa I LOVE a good pelvic floor conversation. It really is a conversation that needs to be had, so take your fingers out of ears and listen in… (well, read on!)   So why do we put off doing them? They are so simple & easy to […]