Put your floor function on the front burner!!



Pelvic floor! Pelvic floor! Pelvic Floor!!! Lalalalalaaaaaa I LOVE a good pelvic floor conversation.

It really is a conversation that needs to be had, so take your fingers out of ears and listen in… (well, read on!)


So why do we put off doing them? They are so simple & easy to fit into our daily routine but so many of us are just not doing them. Why are they so easily forgotten? Considering the statistics this is crazy. Over 50% of postnatal ladies will experience incontinence at some point in their lives. It is unnecessary & easily avoidable with a few minutes of correctly performed exercises every day

We do pelvic floor activation exercises at the beginning of every WellFit4Mums session. During this part of the session I make you aware of, assist in the appropriate and right way to activate and care for your pelvic floor. Even though we do this, I still strongly recommend that all WF4M clients visit a Women’s Health Physio (WHP) to ensure that you are doing it correctly. They are our eyes on the inside. From the outside, I cannot see whether you are doing them correctly. WHP can do this with realtime ultrasound and will also be able to offer any extra assistance, that you may not realise you need. They have an abundance of knowledge that is beyond my scope of practice but together the WHP and I will work closely to ensure that YOU are training safely and effectively 


Let’s learn how to activate… 


To build an awareness of your pelvic floor, the following is a great starting point: 

  • Start by lying on your back
  • Knees are bent & hip width apart
  • There is a straight line running from the hips to the ankles – The knees are not falling in or out
  • Shoulders are relaxed & your spine is in neutral
  • Place one hand on your obliques – This is just under your ribs at the side of your torso
  • If you move from side to side or have a little cough you should feel it pop up
  • Now that you know where it is, keep your hand on it – You don’t want to feel it activate again
  • Place your other hand hipbone to hipbone – This is the area we’re going to concentrate on throughout the exercise
  • Now take a natural breath in, breath all the way out and draw in and up through your pelvic floor – Picture a jellyfish pulling in & moving upwards, as you breath in again let the jellyfish open out & relax – The opening out is your pelvic floor relaxing.


Do the Jellyfish!!

Check out the jellyfish – https://media.giphy.com/media/YnBmR31UF1qKI/giphy.gif



Remember to keep your bum & back passage relaxed throughout the activation

Activation is gentle not strong. It is a gentle maintained deep abdominal contraction – There is no big ‘tensing’ or ‘bracing’. If you feel your obliques pop up or activate, try and start again with a more gentle activation.

Once you have mastered this activation, you need to learn when & how to activate them in lots of different positions. While we are standing, sitting, lying, lifting, and moving.  


It is also really important to learn how to relax too.

This is just as important as activating.

Take 5 minutes 3 times a day and 

Put your floor function on the front burner!!